Consignment Agreement

Welcome! We're pleased that you want to become a part of our shop. Here's how it works:

Dropping Off:

You may drop off items at anytime during our business hours. When you bring your items in, we will select what our customers will buy. Sometimes there will be items that we cannot sell. Please understand that our customers' preferences and our current inventory must be our selection guidelines. Click here for more information on what types of items we are looking for.

Option A: You want your unaccepted items back. Drop off up to 20 items, return within 7 days to pick up any 'no thank you' items. Please specify at drop-off that you would like to return for these items. Items unclaimed after 7 days will be donated to local charity. 

Option B: You want your unaccepted items donated to charity. Drop off any number of items, and we will sort through and select what we want to sell. Give us your permission to automatically donate any 'no thank you items' or unsold items to local charity. 

FYI - we much prefer this option, as it allows us to keep our storage spaces clear! We have regular pickups for our donated items, so it is of no inconvenience to us. 

The Consignment Period:

We display items for 2 months, and accept items based on the season. Your consignment period is 60 days and you are responsible for remembering the date of expiry and returning to pick up unsold items (this only applies if you are a 'Return Unsold Items' consignor who wants their items back). We can provide you a reminder card with your expiry date on it when you drop off.

At the end of the consignment period, we prefer to donate unsold items to a local charity that we have partnered with (Blessings in Palmerston). If you wish to retrieve your unsold items, you must specify this when you drop off and at the bottom of this agreement. If you do not specify, your items will be donated at the end of the consignment period.

For picking up unsold items, please remember your contract expiry date, and call us one day in advance to arrange for pickup. This allows us time to gather your items. We are very limited on storage space for return items. Items that are not claimed or picked up within 7 days after the consignment period ends will become property of The Clothing Loft to be further discounted, disposed of or donated.

We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.


We base prices on supply and demand. We will get the best possible price for you and will take your feedback into consideration. However, pricing is at the final discretion of The Clothing Loft. 


You will receive 40% of the selling price after the item sells. If at any time you would like to check on the status of your account you may stop in, call or email the store to inquire.

You may collect any money owed to you at any time during your consignment period, or you may wait until the end of the period to collect. We will also do e-transfers for payouts if requested, with a $1.50 service fee subtracted from your payout amount. 

Money will stay in your consignor account for 24 months from the date of the last sale, after which time, it will be forfeited.


Thank you! 

Carla at The Clothing Loft