Fall Consignments - What are we looking for?

Posted by Carla Benning on

1. Is this item appropriate for the season we are currently taking?
For Fall consignments we are looking for long sleeved blouses and shirts, limited t-shirts, cardigans, jeans, pants, sneakers, flats and ankle boots, handbags. Items should be fall colours and patterns. 

2. Is this item in perfect or near perfect condition? 
Items should be free of holes, stains, signs of wear or fading. Lie the item out flat to do a quick check, and also check the underarms! Do you have a pet? Your items should be free of pet hair as well. 

3. Is the item freshly washed? 
Items should smell fresh. Even if they have been in your closet for some time, they may need a wash. If you are a smoker, please be extra diligent. You may want to air out your items before bringing them in to the shop.

4. Is this style from the last 2-3 years, or a classic style? 
Our customers are looking for the latest styles, and we have a hard time selling items that are not in demand - even if they are in great condition! Please respect our style assessment if we suggest to you that the style of your items may not do well in our store. We also take our current inventory into consideration when deciding what to accept.

5. Is this item a better brand? 
It's difficult to charge a good resale price on a used item from Walmart (for example). There are certain brands that we do not accept: George, Joe Fresh, Mossimo, Seduction, Streetwear Society. We are also now accepting LESS items from: Old Navy, Ardene, Garage, Forever 21 etc. To see which brands we LOVE, click here to view a list (bottom of the page).




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